Anatomically engineered for your greatest performance yet. The unique Infinity Wave packs endless superior cushioning to this durable shoe.

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Anatomically engineered for your greatest performance yet. The unique Infinity Wave packs endless superior cushioning to this durable shoe. This game-changing technology offers you a unique feel with a high degree of shock dispersion that lasts infinitely when long distance running.


The infinity wave is a fully mechanical wave that allows for a running experience like no other, providing maximum cushioning that lasts a lot longer than normal foam-based shoes. The Mizuno Wave is an original technology that provides the right amount of cushioning and stability your body needs to go the distance. There is flexibility in one direction and support in the other while absorbing the shock hitting the ground. This wave-shaped unit has been designed to ensure that all phases of the gait cycle are correctly handled and as a result, the heel-to-toe transition is well-supported.


An important feature is the highly breathable upper which ensures that the interior is smooth and soft and is essential to maintain ventilation to keep the foot cool and dry whilst running. A DynamotionFit system has been used in the shoe construction which offers a secure and supportive fit around the foot and helps the foot to move effectively through the natural gait cycle. It is a 3-panel construction that accommodates the natural shape and movement of the foot and blends to the runner wearing the shoe, wrapping it in comfort and offering a secure fit. A padded tongue and collar provide additional cushioning into the shoe and ease chafing or skin irritation.


Air Mesh – Allows air to permeate the exterior providing breathability.
Dynamotion Fit – Provides a fit that moves the way you do, actively working with your foot throughout the gait cycle.
Synthetic Overlays – Add durability and support to the construction.
Padded Tongue, Heel And Collar – Provides superb cushioning.
Infinity Wave – Provides maximum cushioning that lasts much longer than a foam-based footwear.
SmoothRide – Minimising the rapid acceleration and decelaration of the foot during transition.
U4IC – Provides high comfort and performance, while being extremely lightweight.
Pebax Rnew – A new thermoplastic elastomer range made from renewable resources and contributes to global warming reduction.
Intercool – Full-length ventilation system in the shoes sole.
X10 – Allows for longer wear in high impact areas and provides more traction at the heel strike.
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Παράδοση σε 4 – 10 ημέρες


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